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Brake Service


Brake SPECIAL - pads and rotors (front)


  • Includes FREE OIL CHANGE!
  • fast and easy  IN and OUT!

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Oil Change


Fast and Easy ! - (in and out)

  • Conventional oil  $39.99
  • Synthetic oil         $75     
  • LARGER CARS      $99
  • Up to five quarts of quality motor oil
  • Change Oil filter

Premium Car Detailing!

 call for price / Interior and Exterior


  • Vacuum interior & trunk
  • Dashboard detail by hand
  • Deep clean air vent  and door panels
  • Clean all cup holders
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Apply quality interior protection wipe
  • Deep clean and condition all leather seats or deep clean and shampoo fabric seats

$149      average inside and out

Snowplowing and Shoveling


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J&L Auto Repair

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